Where are the frame size measurements taken from?

Where are the frame size measurements taken from?
We''ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions by other LandRider owners. If you don''t find your particular question listed, you can always contact us by email or call customer service at 1-800-598-5335.

Where are the frame size measurements taken from?
From the center of the crank to the top of the seat tube.

What material is the bike made from?
Deluxe - high-ten steel, very durable
Elite – Alloy, 7005 Aluminum

Can I attach a child''s seat or rack etc. to my LandRider?
Yes, but check with a professional bike dealer who can recommend the proper size child carrier or rack for your specific LandRider frame.

If factory cadence is set for 60, what happens if you just want to cruise? At what pedal cadence does the LandRider shift up or down to higher or lower gears?
The LandRider shifts up at 70-75 and shifts down at around 50. This is in high auto
mode, in low auto mode the cadence is higher but not to 100.

What are the sizes of both the crank gears and the rear sprocket gears?
The front gears for the Deluxe or Elite models are 36T(L) & 44T(H) and the 7-speed rear sprocket range is 14-28. The front gear for the Deluxe Triple crank are 28T, 38T and 48T.

Will I have to shift into Low every time I encounter a hill?
How often you use low will depend of the hill angle. High 28 is low enough for small hills, but occasionally it will be necessary to use low, however, the benefit of the LandRider AutoShift is you don''t have to change the rear gear like a conventional bike.

Can I change the rear tire on the LandRider?
As with most bicycles, removing the Rear Wheel is complicated and is not recommended. Please contact a professional bike store or LandRider.

How many teeth are on each of the 7 sprockets at the rear?
1st-28, 2nd-24, 3rd-22, 4th-20, 5th-18, 6th-16, 7th-14.

Do you sell replacement parts?
You can contact Customer Service at 1-800-945-5335 for replacement parts.

Can I change the tire size on my LandRider?
Yes you can but we have chosen the correct size and tire tread for your LandRider which best suits the usage of the LandRider. If you desire to change the tires the frame will accommodate up to a 26” x 2.125 size tire. Please consult a professional bike dealer for your new tire selection using this guidance.

Why are there multiple clicks on the AutoMax Shifter between high and low?
The front shifter multiple clicks represent detents on the inside of the shifter and indicate to the assembly factory that the shifter is functioning properly.

Do I need to lubricate the derailleur and chain?
The Pulleys and Drive Belt should be kept clean of grease to prevent slipping. The rear derailleur should not require lubrication unless you live in a dry, dusty or sandy area or unless the rear derailleur fails to operate properly. Otherwise only a yearly check-up/tune-up by a professional bike mechanic is recommended by LandRider.