The Health Benefits of Green TeaThere

The Health Benefits of Green TeaThere

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

There has been a numerous studies on the Benefits of Green Tea. As all of us know that people from China have been drinking Green Tea over thousands and thousands of Years. Many studies have proven that Green Tea has abilities to heal starting from minor Head ache to Cancer. Here is a interesting snippet on Benefits of Green Tea.

Green Tea is a common drink which is usually served in Japanese cuisine. It is a refreshing beverage which is known to ‘wash away’ the oily residue found in food and has since been adopted by other cultures today. Green Tea can now be found as a type of tea which is no longer only found in Japanese cuisine where it is served in all types of restaurants.

Apart from the refreshing taste as a complementary beverage for meals, Green Tea is known for providing a wide variety of health benefits. Among them include being used to treat and prevent cancer. Research has shown that Green Tea consumption helps to prevent cancer in many ways.

Green Tea is known to raise the metabolism rate and help to increase oxidation of fat in the body. Hence, Green Tea is commonly used in diet programs as well as for detoxification purposes. In terms of diseases, Green Tea has been used to treat common problems related to Alzheimer and Parkinson’s.

Perhaps the most significant contribution of Green Tea is in the maintenance of a healthy body where it helps to suppress the level of cholesterol in the blood. From there, Green Tea aids in enhancing and maintaining of good and bad cholesterol ratios.

By reducing the risk of thrombosis, Green Tea helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and other known heart-related problems while the risk of esophageal cancer is greatly reduced as well. Green Tea contains medicinal agents that are used to treat impaired immune function in the body while heart and cardiovascular diseases are being treated using Green Tea.

Therefore, make drinking Green Tea a part of your regular diet as some research has found that it can help in preventing tooth decay too. Share this goodness with everyone you know and start enjoying the goodness of Green Tea together today. Source Click here

More information about the Benefits of Green Tea

Including myself, a lot of people consume Green Tea everyday. For me it has become an habit. I love it because it is a great anti oxidant. I was drinking coke very regularly and a friend of mine advised me about the Benefits of Green Tea and I started. I see a little improvement after consuming it for a while and I am regular.

Here are the few benefits of green tea listed for your reference.

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Fights Cancer
  • Reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth
  • Detoxifies
  • Maintains healthy circulation

I have just listed a few. If you need more information, you can visit Benefits of Green Tea

Sometime I feel like replacing my late night snack with Green Tea. I guess it is a right choice after reading benefits of Green Tea. Hope you agree with me!