Why muscle pain

Why muscle pain

As people get older, they start complaining about pain in muscles and joints more. They bend over in the morning paper everyday activities seem to be hard with age, they can be frightened.

You can grip it, to make sure that you start the pain as their bones are hard. But the real cause of stiffness and pain, but researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical School, according to the tissue to move muscles and joints, and bones in a joint.

Friction generated by rubbing two surfaces of the bones of the joints, even damaged by arthritis can be ignored.

Flexibility is the medical term used to describe the full range of joint movement in one direction from the movement of other full mobility. Wider range of motion, more flexible public.

Touch your toes with your fingers, if you lean forward at the waist, a good flexibility, range of motion of the hip joint is. But you bend over easily with a minimum expenditure of energy and power? Range of motion is as important as simply as possible the work required to bend the joint.

Several factors are limiting the flexibility to facilitate the movement of various joints and muscles. Set clear limits elbow and knee bone structure itself. Ankle, hip, back, soft tissue, and other joint tissues such as the boundaries of muscle and joint range of motion.

Flexibility issues hinge joints and muscles that do not work as expected and rarely used and rusty similar to the difficulty of closing the gates to open.

Therefore, if people do not move the muscles and joints through the full range of exercise regularly, lose some of their ability. Therefore, when you try to move together through a long period of inactivity for these people, they feel pain, it is further recommended

Waste is reduced in the muscles for a long time what happens next, convulsions and spasms, will be generated can be very painful and stimulating. Researchers are immobilized muscle, as has been shown in experimental animals leads to biochemical changes in the organization.

However, other factors can cause the muscle pain. Here are some of them:

1. Exercise too

You should always “do what no gain without pain?” He said, if you believe that, then you also wonder if it has not already experienced sore muscles.

The problem is most people, that they are unlikely to exercise that most fast, reliable way to lose weight it is. To be hurt, even if it is what they are literally holding the body together it tends to ignore their muscles and connective tissues.

2. Aging and inactivity

Connective tissue, tendon, ligament connects to the bone, bone, bone, muscle bound, cover, and will be integrated in a case known as muscle fascia. With age, the tendons, ligaments, and the following extensions to the fascia. Thick filaments and tendons are most difficult to stretch. The simplest is the fascia. However, extending also to improve joint mobility, the fascia is placed undue pressure on the nerve pathways to muscles, muscle shortening please. A lot of pain and suffering is the result of nerve impulses to move along the path of these pressures.

3. Immobility

Sore throat or muscle pain, muscle pain, spasms and pain reaction of the organism can be so unbearable. In this reaction, splints reflected in the contract will automatically make the body, called the immobilized muscle pain. Therefore, you can set off a vicious cycle of pain, muscle pain.

First held in an abnormal position and muscle pain from exercise and not being used. The body responds with a splint to reduce the reflection of the surrounding muscle tissue. This will cause more pain, suffering and eventually the entire region. One of the most common areas of this problem is back.

4. Spasm theory

In the laboratory of physiology at the University of Southern California, some people learn more about this cycle of pain has started working.

Using the device’s electrical muscle activity was measured. The researchers, while not completely relax the muscles show considerable activity is usually enough muscle relaxed, knew that to produce electrical activity.

In one experiment, the researchers, people with sports injuries fixed, first with the muscle to muscle, electrical signals are measured after the muscle is stretched.

In almost every case, either by stretching, to lengthen the electrical activity of muscles, reduces pain relief, full or partial training.

These experiments, “spasm theory, the” development in the absence of any obvious cause injury, and led to the description of persistent muscle pain.

As a result of this theory, fatigue and muscle aches, fatigue, according to sources will be used in a strange position.

Therefore, it is to avoid the limitations and very sore muscles, it is important to know the capacity of the muscles. This is to say, to go to show that there is truth, “No pain, no gain.” Once regular exercise within the normal range of people is the most important routine rigorous than most way to maintain a healthy.

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